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* Pessimist - Call To War (2010)

Gênero: Thrash Metal
Origem: Germany


Michael ''TZ'' Schweitzer - Vocals
Patrick ''Peppi'' Pfefferle - Guitar, Backing Vocals (Pain'ting Roses)
Richard Beck - Guitar
Severin ''Sevi'' Wössner - Bass, Backing Vocals
Raphael ''Raphi'' Gamboni - Drums (Daemogorgon (Deu))

Track List:

1. Trommelfeuer
2. The Massacre of Nanking
3. Infernal Death
4. Prelude (Arm for War)
5. Call to War
6. Son of Satan
7. It's Time to Fuck (with Hate)
8. Death by Torture
9. Another Day in Mania

Total playing time 51:09

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