quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

* Wicked Sensation - Crystallized (2010)

Gênero: Heavy Metal
Origem: Germany


Robert Soeterboek - Vocals (Erik Norlander, Ayreon, Van Ee, Vulture (Nld), Tempter (Nld), Highway Chile)
Michael Klein - Guitars (Vast)
Bernd Spitzner - Keyboards
Dennis Ward - Bass (Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, Dezperadoz, Khymera, Unisonic, Bob Catley)
Dirk Bruinenberg - Drums (Elegy (Nld), Adagio (Fra), Vulture (Nld), Abyss (Nld), Ian Parry, Patrick Rondat)
Eric Ragno - Keyboards (Give It Up)
Andi Deris - Vocals (My Turn To Fly)

Tracl List:

01 Better World
02 My Turn To Fly (feat. Andi Deris)
03 Fistful Of Dreams
04 Give It Up (feat. Eric Ragno)
05 Lost In A World
06 Love To Play
07 Gimme The Night
08 Am I Right
09 Lonely Is The Night
10 Ordinary Man
11 The Love I Used To Know
12 Running Through Your Veins
13 Bleeding Hearts

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  1. ta dando erro este post aqui!!

  2. baxei de madrugada...e foi mormal...é disco bom...guitaras afiadas e altas...e bons musicos..vale a pena !