terça-feira, 5 de outubro de 2010

* Accept - Eat The Metal (Bootleg) (2010)

Gênero: Heavy Metal
Origem: Germany

Track list:

1.Rocking For The Sun (Unreleased song from "I am rebel")
2.Morning Sun (Unreleased song from "I am rebel")
3.Run If You Can (Demo for "Breaker")
4.Down And Out (Demo for "Breaker")
5.Can't Stand The Night (Demo for "Breaker")
6.Breaker (Demo for "Breaker")
7.Burning (Demo for "Breaker")
8.Son Of A Bitch (US censored version)
9. Balls to the wall (Are from 1988 audition tape with Michael White on vocals)
10.Is it love (Are from 1988 audition tape with Michael White on vocals)
11.Rich And Famous (Are from japanese edition of "Objection Overruled")
12.Writing On The Wall (Acoustic version)
13.Balls to the wall (Mark Tornillo on vocals)
14.Flash rockin man (Mark Tornillo on vocals
15.Time Machine (Bonus Track Blood of the Nations )
16.Land of the Free (Japan Bonus track Blood of the Nations)

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  1. esses caras são demais ... eu adoro ouvi-los ... obrigado por compartilhar! ...

  2. CAra esse play novo do accept e maravilhoso nos remete aos tempos aureos de fast and shark, fodastico, parabens pelo post vu ouvir esse botleg agora para ver como esta