segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

* Metallica - The Best Ballads (2005)

Gênero: Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Origem: EUA

Track List:

01. Nothing else Matters (6:35)
02. The Unforgiven (6:29)
03. Thorn Within (5:23)
04. Fade to Black (6:56)
05. Astronomy (6:40)
06. Low Man's Lyric (7:39)
07. Where The Wild Things Are (6:56)
08. Hero of the Day (4:26)
09. My Freind of Misery (6:52)
10. Bleeding Me (6:36)
11. Enter Sandman (5:31)

01. The Unforgiven II (6:38)
02. Tuesday's Gone (9:08)
03. Welcome home (sanitarium) (6:29)
04. Mama said (5:25)
05. One (7:28)
06. Loverman (7:59)
07. To live is to die (9:47)
08. Turn the page (6:06)
09. Orion (instrumental) (8:27)

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