quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

* Lifelöck – A Non Nuclear Nightmare [ep] (2010)

Gênero: Blackened Thrash Metal/Crust
Origem: Espírito Santo - Brasil

Track List:

1.A Non Nuclear Nightmare 02:20
2.Denying Chaos 01:52
3.Suicidal Depression 02:34
4.Exile 01:31
5.The Annoyance 02:05
6.Explosions 01:42
7.Peace 01:20
8.Saving The World 01:11

1 Comentarios:

  1. Formed in 2008 initally as a five piece and based in London.
    It was as a quartet that their power, strength, technicality, groove and atmosphere began

    to win them fans and they quickly gained some important support slots to legends like


    The band create their sound by taking influence from all sub-genres of metal and fuse

    them together to create a soul churning, face melting, brutal assualt of sound and


    The self released, "FULL METAL ASSAULT" early in 2010 lead one reviewer to state "All in

    all a very well produced EP of stunning thrash/death influenced metal full of originality

    and clearley performed with style and understanding".

    In september the UK extreme metal magazine 'Terrorizer' put them on their covermount cd

    and in November are playing the afterparty for Swedish metal gods 'Arch Enemy'.

    For fans of : Hatebreed, Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, Devildriver