sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

* Wehrmacht - Biermacht (2010)

Post: Jöenixon
Gênero: Thrash Metal/ Crossover
Origem: E.U.A / U.S.A
Qualidade: 331 kbps

Track List:

01. You Broke My Heart (So I Broke Your Face)
02. Gore Flix
03. The Beer is Here (Intro) / Drink Beer Be Free
04. Scorpions Tribute (Intro) / The Wehrmacht
05. E – Quick-E – Micro E
06. Munchies
07. Night of Pain
08.Balance of Opinion
09.Suck My Dick
10.Breppy (Intro) / Drink Jack
11.Radical Neck Dissection
12.Kiss Tribute (Intro) / Beermacht
13.The Outro
14.The Wehrmacht (Demo)
15.Suck My Dick (Demo)
16.Night of Pain (Demo)
17.E (Demo)
18.Gore Flicks (Demo)
19.Termination (Demo)
20.Beermacht (Demo)
21.The Wehrmacht (Live)
22.Concrete Meat (Live)
23.Gore Flicks (Live)
24.B.O.S. (Barrage of Skankers) (Live)
25.Suck My Dick (Live)
26.Speedaholic (Live)
27.Termination (Live)
28.E (Live)
29.Beermacht (Live)
30.Shark Attack (Live)
31.Night of Pain (Live)  

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